Dark room

Leaning against her bed, she sat there facing the door . Feeling the deep temperatures take over her smooth small body. Her arms wrapped around her knees tightly, pressing her exposed canines to her right knee. She was unfamiliar with what was going on but all she felt was terror. Her eyes concentrated through the key hole, she could see the light shining bright on the other side.
With her focus on that position some dark shadow passed by in a blink of an eye .While still wondering what it was a strange sound of unfamiliar smooth creepy voices came along and then she heard footsteps approaching her side of the house .

She could feel the heavy presence of the body coming along the way.

”GHOST ! ” words skipped her mouth ”but ghost don’t exist , that’s what mama always said” lowering her voice “ or maybe I might be dreaming with my eyes opened” she wondered.

Fear struck her bones, as she held her breath praying nothing bad happens. Her eyes opened wide, biting her knee even harder trying to ignore the horrific moment she is having , before she knew it . There was a shadow of two big feet behind her door. For the very first time ever in her life she felt the sound of her heart beat on her ears. As the door opened, she pressed her face between her thighs and her hands covering her ears.

”Angel, what are you doing down there, you are going to catch a cold.” he said

Picking her up. He felt Angel’s cold body while putting her under the covers.Right that moment he noticed how vulnerable his daughter was, yet too drained to say or do anything. He kissed her goodnight on his way out.

“Daddy!” she cried.
“Yes , my Angel” he responded with a heavy voice.
“PLEASE! don’t close the door” she pleaded. Then he smiled on his way out.


In all things said and done, yet nothing is there to change the mind of a perpetrator . Women and children are living fear today . Who are they gonna cry unto , if those to protect them are the ones they fear .

It’s about time people start raking counseling seriously in order to express their emotions. Than taking it all out on someone else , or teach people how to handle themselves in difficulty .